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Transducer Connectors

Each brand of electronics has its own preferred connector design. We use a code at the end of each transducer part number to indicate which connector is attached to the transducer cable. For example, a B744V-10F is a B744V transducer with a '-10F' connector, which is a Furuno 10-pin female connector. This guide is to assist in identifying which connector is in use.

Where no part number is given for a replacement connector, you will need to buy a cable with that connector on one end and cut the cable.

Connector Connector Code Part # Description
-6G CX-106 A 6-pin female connector used by Garmin as standard until recently.
-6N CX-106 A 6-pin female connector used by Navman equipment, including some that was later rebranded Northstar.

Although this is physically the same connector as the -6G, the wiring in the cable is not identical.

Also used by the Simrad NX.

-7 CX-107 A 7-pin female connector used in some JRC and Simrad equipment, and by discontinued equipment from Apelco and Raytheon.
-8F N/A A female 8-pin connector formerly used by Furuno, now discontinued.
-8G N/A A female 8-pin connector now used by Garmin as a replacement for the -6G.
-8GN N/A An 8-pin male connector used by Geonav equipment.
-8S N/A A female 8-pin connector used by some SiTex equipment.
-10F AIR033-333 A female 10-pin connector used as standard by most Furuno equipment.
-10N CX-1010 A male 10-pin connector used by Northstar.
-11R N/A An 11-pin female connector used in Raymarine CHIRP equipment.
-12G N/A An 12-pin female connector used in Garmin CHIRP equipment.
-18HB N/A An 18-pin male connector used by Humminbird.
-BB CX-108 An 8-pin male connector used by Standard Horizon and some SiTex equipment.
-BL 000-10046-001 A male 7-pin connector used by Lowrance and by Simrad NSE/NSO/NSS.
-FISO N/A Mini spade connectors used with Raymarine instruments (ST60, ST40)
-HB N/A #9 connector used in Humminbird equipment.
-MM5 N/A A 5-pin connector used in 600W Mix and Match cables.
-MM9 N/A A 9-pin connector used in 1000W Mix and Match cables.
-RAY N/A A female connector used by Raymarine on the DSM300, DSM30, DSM250 and other equipment. Sometimes called the 'radar' connector.
-RAYA CX-109 A male connector used on the Raymarine A-series, DSM25 and a/c/e-series.
-RCA N/A An RCA audio-type connector used in Datamarine equipment
-XSonic N/A An 9-pin male connector used in Navico equipment.