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Iris Innovations

Established in 2003, Iris Innovations set out to source, develop and manufacture a range of on-board camera equipment especially for the marine market. They put all their efforts into understanding the idiosyncracies of such a specialist and demanding market and designed a range of purpose built cameras, switchers and anciliary equipment and marine security.

Their experience has enabled Iris to confidently pioneer the design and manufacture of many of the most popular specialist marine cameras and equipment on the market today.

From purpose built digital video recorders to wireless roaming cameras, Iris are always able to come up with that 'something different' that only happens by listening carefully to the feedback of marine professionals, military and emergency service personnel and boat owners from all over the world.

Fixed Cameras

Iris produce a comprehensive catalogue of static cameras for multiple applications, such as back-up monitoring, docking, engine room monitoring, viewing decks and companionways, situational awareness, security and safety at sea.

Thermal Imaging

Being able to see clearly at night and in low light conditions not only improves safety at sea, but also prolongs your time on the water, adding value and assurance so you can get the most out of your boating experience.

Waterproof IP Cameras

Iris’s New Range of Waterproof Marine Network IP Cameras are for situational awareness, security, safety and sports fishing. Whether you require a small discreet waterproof dome camera to monitor comings and goings, an out-rigger mounted camera for sports fishing tag and release proof or as a simple back-up or engine room camera, Iris has the solution.

Controllable Cameras

Iris offer a range of controllable cameras for all vessel types, ranging from the extremely compact IRIS106 which has a remarkably small 4″ dome all the way up to the powerful long range IRIS136 camera. With recess mounting domes or surface mount options, Iris have a controllable camera to meet your requirements.

Video Recorders

Iris’s 800 series Digital Video Recorders are currently available in four sizes; four channel, 8 channel, 16 channel and the new 8x Analogue+4 x IP models. All four models are also fully functional embedded web servers, which means with an IRIS800 series DVR, you can keep an eye on your boat, view recordings and control PTZ cameras remotely from a laptop, computer, smart-phone or tablet.

Through Hull Cameras

Explore Beneath the Waves with Iris’s Range of Through Hull Cameras. Available in Four Formats: Analogue, HD-SDI, 2MP Hi-Def IP Camera & 5MP Hi-Def 360˚ Panoramic IP Camera. Iris’s Barracuda range of built to last through-hull cameras have been especially designed for simple plug and play operation and easy installation. The four models each offer a different technology to provide a comprehensive choice for those who want to peer into the deep and marvel at life beneath the waves!


Iris offer a range of waterproof camera joystick controllers to drive your pan / tilt / zoom camera and video switching equipment, ranging from the basic IRIS506 for very simple 3 axis pan tilt and zoom control up to the fully featured IRIS516 multi camera control with video matrix switching.


Iris strives to provide customers the complete system solution. Whether designing a full scale multi-camera, multi control system for a mega yacht, purchasing specialist multi functional cable, or merely adding an extra keypad for one of our Video Switchers, Iris have everything you need.