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Hull Nuts and Cap Nuts

Hull nuts screw onto the outside of a transducer body to hold its base firm against the inside of the hull.

Cap nuts are used on the top of an insert to attach it to the transducer or insert body.

Nut Type Part # Application
Hull 02-031-3 Bronze hull nut for B45, B38 and B46.
Hull 02-036-2 Bronze hull nut for B260, B265C and B275C.
Hull 02-111-01 Stainless steel hull nut for SS505.
Cap 02-131-01 Bronze cap nut for B122.
Hull 02-133-01 Bronze hull nut for B60.
Hull 02-136-01 Stainless steel hull nut for SS164, SS264W and SS264N.
Hull 02-136-02 Bronze hull nut for B164 and B175C.
Hull 02-143-01 Bronze hull nut for B75C.
Hull 02-222-03 Bronze hull nut for B256 and B258.
Hull 02-563-01 Stainless steel hull nut for SS60.
Hull 04-004 Plastic hull nut for ST850, ST650, ST600, ST900, ST950, ST300, ST550, P7, P8, P17, P19, P217, P314, P319 and P617V.
Cap 04-234-1 Plastic cap nut for B44V, B744V, B744VL, ST850, ST650, ST800, ST600, ST300, P8, P17, P217, P314, B17, B21, B120 and SS557.
Hull 12N Bronze hull nut (3/4") for 201, 201R, 203, 205 and 300.
Hull 405 Bronze hull nut (2") for B17, B122, B150C, B21, B22, B44V, B744V, B744VL, 400, 403 and 408B.