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Airmar WeatherStations®

As of January 2016 Airmar has restructured the WeatherStation range to simplify ordering. These new models are designed specifically for marine use. The WS-120WX and WS-220WX do not include humidity as standard. Instead, an optional add-on humidity sensor is available to field-upgrade either of them, or as a kit when you purchase one of these new sensors. Adding humidity sensing is a simple plug-and-play two-screw installation and can be completed at any time by any skill level. A heater option will also be available in Spring 2016, resulting in a total of six assembly numbers available for the recreational industry.

  • WS-120WX : No humidity
  • WS-120WX-RH : Kitted with humidity sensor
  • WS-120WX-HTR : Heater but no humidity sensor
  • WS-220WX : No humidity
  • WS-220WX-RH : Kitted with humidity sensor
  • WS-220WX-HTR : Heater but no humidity sensor

The WS-120WX and WS-220WX and the variants listed above are the only models that Gemeco will have available in the future.

Click to download the Brochure, the Owner's Guide & Installation Instructions and a list of available Cables & Accessories.

WS-120WX Weatherstation.

WS-220WX Weatherstation.

Feature Comparison

Feature WS-120WX WS-220WX
Apparent wind speed & angle     ✓     ✓
Barometric pressure     ✓     ✓
IPX6 waterproof rating     ✓     ✓
Air temperature plus calculated wind chill     ✓     ✓
Optional field-serviceable relative humidity with calculated dew point and calculated heat index     ✓     ✓
Optional heater and upper ring     ✓     ✓
NMEA 0183 & NMEA 2000 output     ✓     ✓
True wind speed & direction     ✓
Internal GPS position, speed over ground, course over ground     ✓
Three-axis solid state-compass with dynamic stabilization     ✓
Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll     ✓
Three-axis rate gyros for rate of turn     ✓